Describing “dual frequency”

I’ve been practicing “bird sits” pretty regularly for the last couple years. Something I especially appreciate is starting to develop familiarity with individual birds, particularly the water fowl and wading birds. Noticing the individual markings and keeping track of which birds you’re with allows a relationship to develop. This is also true with plant and tree connection, visiting the same ones and spending time opening yourself up to their messages is where appreciation starts to become a reciprocal relationship.
Pam Montgomery refers to this process of deepening connection as “entering the daydream” of the plant, experiencing their experience. In fact developing a relationship with mugwort was probably the most direct ally and teacher in the recent development of how I practice Energywork. And I apply this same concept to bird connection.

A while back at the end of this summer I was walking a familiar path in Prospect Park not too far from the lake and I felt pulled towards a way down to the edge of the water where people often fish. As I descended the steep incline I saw that a few feet away from me was a Blue Heron I recognized. I stood for some minutes observing when it flew out over the water a plucked from it what appeared to be a songbird. I thought this was so strange, both in the fact that it was a small and probably insubstantial food source (another bird no less!) and also because it was DEAD and I never knew herons to be scavengers. But it flew right back to where it was, very close to me so I knew that it was both a small bird and not alive. Curious about this unusual event I asked to enter the daydream of the heron and sat for about 45 minutes while it meticulously ate and swallowed the scavenged meal.
There were many steps, and it wasn’t pretty to watch. It used its beak to somewhat break apart its meal, and reposition it in its mouth. It went through many repetitions of swallowing a bit, drinking some water, swallowing it again, regurgitating it somewhat, swallowing again and so on.
I like to do some automatic writing/channeling after these encounters and ask what the spirit would like to share. The transmission I wrote down after we parted was this:

“Patience must be cultivated. You want it all to be cathartic, to have immediate results and confirmation to soothe your fear that something will poison you or make you ill. To know that what is unwell will be removed. Sometimes it takes a long time. You must work for it, deliberately, but also with a sense of ease and grace. When you are clearing you are in a vulnerable state. Be mindful of who and what is surrounding you. You must be both still and active. What does this mean?

It means that sometimes you must add an essential materials, sometimes you must reverse the flow to break things up, sometimes you must relax even as you feel discomfort. Taking the time it takes. It cannot be rushed. And why rush?? It’s is a gift for time to slow down, especially for you (humans) because you tend to let time slip through your fingers. It is a gift, why must you ask for more when you are already receiving something priceless?  You are the proof, let that be enough. Know yourself, trust yourself, let it take the time that it takes. Be grateful when it passes slowly, for this offers you the grace of awareness, to witness your own birth in each brutal moment, each second becoming someone new while also remembering. The cycle is always connected.”

This seemed perhaps the best way to begin describing the frequency of energy I use for clearing and for karmic work. It is not so much working with opposites simultaneously, as a unified energy that can stretches between opposites and illustrates how they are part of the same whole.

I’ve been encouraged by several people to give this a name and start sharing it more widely. I’ve been hesitant to do that because I do not believe I have “discovered” it and it is not a new energy. I believe it is universally accessible to everyone. But it has unique qualities worth describing, so for the sake of using a shared language so I’m identifying it descriptively as dual frequency. If you’ve been in clearing sessions or groups with me you have experienced it. It’s an energetic tension that recalibrates flow in a unified way, holding what is useful and discarding what isn’t. It’s expansive, but also grounding. I see it as a thread connecting karmic patterns and past lives as well. It is both earth-based and cosmic, it is not unique to humans or to this particular time.

In the physical sense, it has a quality of extending up and out through the top of the head, as well as down through the soles of the feet. The back of the neck and throat, and two points at the tops of the shoulder blades and slightly in towards the midline are also important activation points. The heart space and solar plexus sometimes has a sensation of a swirling or cycling of energy between the duality of expanding and rooting. In my mind I visualize this as a figure eight or infinity symbol. It often takes the form of geometric shapes, connecting and reconnecting in a variety of configurations.

On the emotional level, it might feel like the razor’s edge between laughing and crying, or when you feel so overwhelmed with gratitude it feels like almost like grief, or the mixture of fear and excitement when something you always wanted is within reach, or the pain of heartbreak that also connects you to a long lineage of those who have loved and lost, or the deep and righteous rage that drops you into a sense of clarity and courage to do something you never thought you could. Sometimes I feel it as an acute pain of recognizing patterns, that holds both “this again??!” alongside “oh of course, it’s this. Again.”

On the spiritual level, it is the connection between the difficulties and triumphs of this life, and all the other lives and versions and dimensional selves. Sometimes the conflicts of these other versions create energetic interference that makes it difficult to resolve here in this moment. Dual frequency weaves the story between past, present and future, this realm and the next, this planet and the greater cosmos, the tension between creation and destruction. It reminds us that these distinctions may have tangible examples but they are also a distinction of the human mind. For all parts of the cycle are connected, part of the same whole.

In the natural world we might find teachers in the Fungi who are somewhere between plant and animal, decay and explosive growth, expansion towards divine awareness and poison to our human bodies. Or we could consider the scavengers, such as vultures, who walk the line between what is nourishment and infection, who make constant decisions between what has turned towards decay and what is salvageable. They have an unenviable job, perhaps, but a vital one. In the upper and lower latitudes we might feel it at the Solstices, both the peak and the turning point, the pivot between extremes.

If this all seems a bit heavy handed, maybe that’s true. But also, it’s not about all about seriousness: it simply is. For me it all makes more sense when I’m dropped into this energetic currant of energy. Working with dual frequency for me is a brief respite from the “this or that” of the conscious mind and helps me to feel into the omnipresence of it all. When dialed into this frequency the connection between it all things feels clearer, and there’s no way you could be in the “wrong place” or “wrong direction” because everything you experience leads you somewhere. And conversely, it also shines a light in the places when our actions are not in alignment with our values, and gives a firm push in the direction of righting that.

Timelines unfold on their own, and they can also be adjusted through our choices. 

What new versions of you could emerge through a willingness to change course?

What timelines have you relegated to the past that could be rediscovered?

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