Past Lives and Karmic Healing Part 3: Remembering who you are

After focusing on past lives and karmic healing, and how they go beyond the family patterns of this lifetime, it feels important to look at the other side of that too.

What does ancestral lineage have to do with karmic integration?

I recently listened to a long and very interesting episode of Ghost of a Podcast, which explores an in-depth sort of case study over three generations, and demonstrated how the natal chart is of the past, present and the future: it holds much raw data, but it is also not a predictor of the future. It is a screenshot of themes, potentials, resourceful qualities alongside the tricky spots of where we are pulled into dysfunction. Along with the karmic imprints and past life energies we hold, all those incarnations of consciousness we have had, we also hold in our bodies and brains the dna of the ancestors within our family lineage.

Ancestral work is then a part of karmic healing, and sometimes the most tangible way that we can affect it. The choices we make, the patterns we can shift in our current relationships open the door to letting that healing flow back through your lineage as well as forward. When we request or focus our energy towards karmic resolution and integration, we are specifically asking for that energy to move backwards and forwards in time: through all the versions, all levels of energy in our body and aura, all the generations, this lineage and others.

We do so in a respectful way that does not impose this will onto others, it is focused on the effects that we have had and continue to have on others. Energy is not bound by time, and so when we approach karmic healing on the energy level we can use our experience and awareness in the present moment to feel into the past and future. We can also identify energetic echoes, stagnation, and hotspots felt in the present moment and begin to work with them metaphorically even if we have no idea what the context is. Stagnation happens for a reason, but when we have the ability to allow flow and make the necessary changes to support continued flow, we initiate healing through doing so.

Identifying our unique gifts, that we have inherited through family lineage and past life lineage, points us towards our soul purpose. Clearing the energy that is blocking us from shifting into new patterns, stepping into another spiral or timeline of development, is often necessary to allow us to integrate the lessons of past traumas without feeding the pain of those experiences. Remembering who we were may inform who we are now, but we must also make choices about who we want to be. In addition to clearing discordant energies that are keeping us in the past, we must also tap into frequencies that allow for transmutation and expansion. 

As I have been developing this approach in the clearing and release work that I offer, I have come to see this process as Dual Frequency Activation. Actual transformation requires death and rebirth, release and cultivation, salvaging what can be transmuted and returning to source what no longer serves a positive purpose. Just as trauma healing cannot be accomplished through insight alone, knowing the details of past life experiences and karmic patterns will not automatically resolve them. We must remember how to tune into our own ability to transmute energy, you are the venue of this change: through your mind, body, energy, and actions you create new realities all the time.

Working this way intentionally over the last 7 years has completely changed how I see myself in the world, and my overall perspective in what healing is possible even when important people in your life are not open to changing. The last 6 months of near daily practice has illuminated new ways of creating through the intersections of trancework, Energywork, Breathwork, channeling, and working metaphorically (hey, that’s Art Therapy!). A key component to changing patterns is being able to listen beyond your conscious thinking and push your perspective. We need help from our guides to free our minds and remember who we are.

I’m in the process of creating a resource to support you in this ongoing work. Check back around Spring of 2023.

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