{Channeled message}

Patience must be cultivated. You want it all to be cathartic, to have immediate results and confirmation to soothe your fear that something will poison you or make you ill. To know that what is unwell will be removed. Sometimes it takes a long time. You must work for it, deliberately, but also with a sense of ease and grace. When you are clearing you are in a vulnerable state. Be mindful of who and what is surrounding you. You must be both still and active. What does this mean? It means that sometimes you must add an essential materials, sometimes you must reverse the flow to break things up, sometimes you must relax even as you feel discomfort. Taking the time it takes. It cannot be rushed. And why rush?? It’s is a gift for time to slow down, especially for you (humans) because you tend to let time slip through your fingers. It is a gift, why must you ask for more when you are already receiving something priceless? You are the proof, let that be enough. Know yourself, trust yourself, let it take the time that it takes. Be grateful when it passes slowly, for this offers you the grace of awareness, to witness your own birth in each brutal moment, each second becoming someone new while also remembering. The cycle is always connected.

~Blue Heron, eating a dead songbird by the side of the Lake in Prospect Park, Brooklyn
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